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"I love this place!"


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Mike and Scott are operating the best realistic Martial Arts club in Burnaby. They are the nicest two guys you can meet and they look after the kids and the adult classes with great care and passion. Go and try them you will be amazed to see how good they are!
Don Whitefield
Don Whitefield Head Instructor for West Coast MMA

OUR AIM: To support Budo's mission of realistic martial arts & fitness instruction excellence and social responsibility, we seek to build a community based on health, self-protection, integrity and respect.

Don Whitefield, Scott Boudreau and Mike Hansen at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships 2013

They’re grueling workouts but it’s definitely worth every second! I can honestly say that every time I leave the gym I feel like a million bucks. The workouts leave me feeling super energetic and just completely awesome about myself. Thanks to these classes I’ve been in the best shape of my life!
Val T
Val T

You Will Discover...


'Allow Us To Strengthen You Kids Forever'

Empower your child against bullies, kidnappers and drugs while developing healthy characters with our powerful programs. Our classes are engaging, fun and truly effective and will ensure your children go through life with great confidence. This effective program is specifically focused on kids between the ages of 3 and 12. Click Here to learn more about our kids program!


'Learn The Effective Art Of 8 - Limbs'

Muay Thai Kickboxing is referred to as “The Martial Art of eight limbs” as the hands, elbows, shins and knees are all used. A Kickboxing practitioner thus has the ability to execute strikes using “eight points” of contact as opposed to only “4 points” (hands and feet) used in other traditional oriented forms of Kickboxing. Click Here to learn more about our Muay Thai Kickboxing program!


'90-95% Of Fights End Up On The Ground'

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a realistic, hands-on Martial Art that allows any person to control a larger opponent in a real life confrontation using clinches, takedowns, holds and submissions. Jiu-Jitsu (meaning “Gentle Art”) relies on leverage and technique rather than athletic ability and strength. This is a must know self-defense! Click Here to learn more about our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program!


'Train Your Spirit, Body And Mind'

Kyokushin is a stand up, full contact martial art founded by Korean-Japanese master, Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushin’s philosophy is one of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. Emphasizing on realistic fighting, physical toughness and practicalilty, Kyokushin has influenced many other Martial Arts. Click Here to learn more about our Kyokushin Karate program!


'Your Body Will Change To The Point Of No Return'

Cardio and Strength conditioning are a combination of bootcamp fitness, crossfit. Want to look leaner? Be stronger? Be more flexible? This class will guarantee you results! You will gain energy and strength you never thought you had. You will change your body to point of no return and everyone will notice! Click Here to learn more about our Budo X-fit program!